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Kazakhstan opened new horizons of growth to businessmen

Kazakhstan opened new horizons of growth to businessmen


Алина Галымова
Алина Галымова

The head of state in the present Message to the people "The third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness" noted need of further enhancement of instruments of support of a mass entrepreneurship. Since the beginning of implementation of a number of state programs in the country as shows the analysis, forward the sphere of MSB in a general share of economic growth significantly stepped. About it witnesses activity of inhabitants of the regions which showed willingness to begin own case, having secured with support of the state, BNews.kz correspondent reported.

So, only in Almaty region the share of a small entrepreneurship in the total amount of the local budget reached 37.7%, and the amount of help given to local businessmen exceeded 15 billion tenge for today.

Today in implementation of this direction not only state bodies and the interested financial institutions, but also public associations whose activities are aimed at assistance to increase in level of living of Kazakhstan citizens were connected.

Among them and the batch of Nur Otan which organized the all-republican action "Single day of reception of citizens concerning receipt of the state support in The Business Road Map — 2020 program.

"The main goal of party undertaking consists in provision of the dialogue platform to state bodies, institutes of development for an explanation to citizens of conditions and mechanisms of implementation of state strategy of business. Certainly, we do the corresponding monitoring, we reveal the most problem points on the basis of the analysis of the arrived questions and offers," the manager of a public reception of the Almaty regional branch of a batch of Nur Otan shared.

It is known that for the last two years essential changes on enhancement of mechanisms and conditions of the program were made. In particular, this expansion business of an initiative of entrepreneurs in rural settlements and the small cities, reduction of loading on payment of a loan interest rate of banks of the second level, training of entrepreneurs and creation of business plans, extension of the list of priority industries and many other things.

"Therefore our task consists in informing of these innovations each inhabitant wishing to open or expand business now. The batch of Nur Otan, in turn, helps us to come into direct contact with entrepreneurs," the specialist of local branch of fund "Damu" Mansour Tleubayev noted.

By the way, representatives of regional chamber of entrepreneurs, regional management of an entrepreneurship and industrial and innovative development, representatives and other business associations of the region took part in Taldykorgan in the share.

The range of questions with which Zhetysu's inhabitants addressed the audience was quite wide – what conditions of receipt of subsidies on what purposes it is possible to obtain the credit with a guarantee that includes the list of the non-financial help to entrepreneurs and many other things.

"I am not an entrepreneur yet, however in the near future there is an idea to open own case. Today thanks to the staff of fund "Damu" I learned what directions of business are the most priority. I think that in the future with assistance of the state I will manage to achieve the objective," the resident of Taldykorgan Alisher Mukushev shared.


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