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Pilot of SU-27 that crashed in Kazakhstan is in military hospital

Pilot of SU-27 that crashed in Kazakhstan is in military hospital


Алина Галымова
Алина Галымова

Now the pilot of SU-27 Major Adilbek Iskakov is in military hospital, BNews.kz reported. According to military physicians, his condition is estimated as satisfactory, there are no fractures and hematomas.

The commission of Kazakhstan Defense agency which arrived to the place of an aviation incident makes investigation.

Let's remind, on December 21, 2016 during accomplishment of educational flight in night conditions approximately in 25 kilometers from the city of Taldykorgan, as a result of an aviation incident the SU-27 plane of military unit of 21751 of Kazakhstan Defense agency crashed.

On this fact the Main Military Procuracy began a pre-judicial investigation on signs of a criminal offense, stipulated in Clause 464 Criminal Codes of Kazakhstan (abuse of regulations of flights or preparation for them).

Under the leadership of the special prosecutor of the Main Military Procuracy S. Syrlybayev the operational-investigations group from number of persons employed of department of military police of the Taldykorgan garrison and the Southern regional military investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan is created.

Now it is carried out the investigative actions directed to establishment of the reasons and actual circumstances of incident.


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